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Tenafly July 4th 2011

Thursday Dec 5, 2013

Tenafly Memorial Day Parade

Tuesday Jun 1, 2010

LOTS of parade photos from the 2010 Memorial Day Parade. If you move your mouse over the show the picture will stop. If you want a copy, leave a comment & I’ll respond by email. (FYI – I’m only going to send a copy if I know you, or you can show that you have a relation to the person in the picture.)

Where’s the Tree Down

Monday Mar 15, 2010

Free software makes it easy for a comunity to track locations of anything. Wouldn’t this have been really nice to have had to track trees down during the Spring storms? It would have made getting around much easier and probably would have been a great help to the DPW. Any interest in donating the 1/2 day – 1 day necessary to set this up? This might be a good project if you want to work as a high school summer intern (unpaid). The pools at Tenafly can help your parents track me down. (Children should not contact me, or for that matter, anyone else who has wonderful ideas on the internet.)